Hi! I'm Kayleigh. A free-spirited twenty-something who loves reading, Harry Potter, plants and films. Ever since I was little I was always concocting stories from the depths of my imagination, and that's what I believe has brought me here; stories and the need to tell them. 

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Blog posts, copy writing, short stories; you name it. Having been wildly creative since a very young age, I have a knack for storytelling in all shapes and sizes. From formal press releases to fun and original blog posts, I’m always up for the job. If there are any other creative writing tasks I can assist you with, drop me an email, and I would love to see how I can help you.




  • A Skype consultation (or if I'm close enough, we can chat over coffee!) so we can go over your ideas, plan writing and deadlines.


  • A helpful booklet with useful information on how to get the best out of booking with me - hints, tips and guides to help our planning and writing process go as smoothly as possible!

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