Hi! I'm Kayleigh. A free-spirited twenty-something who loves reading, Harry Potter, plants and films. Ever since I was little I was always concocting stories from the depths of my imagination, and that's what I believe has brought me here; stories and the need to tell them. 

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Whether you specialise in weddings or travel, everyone knows that editing can sometimes feel quite daunting. This is where I come in. I have worked in image editing with award-winning photographers, and it is such a joy to be given a chance not only to see their work but to help in the making of it being the best it can be for clients. So whether you would like to have some free time from editing to crack on with more important tasks (or to have a duvet day!), just send me an email, and I’ll see how I can assist you.






  • A Skype consultation to chat about turn-around times, deadlines and the style of your images.


  • A helpful booklet with useful information on how to get the best out of booking with me - hints, tips and guides to help with the Lightroom work-flow.

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